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numb and dumb frank scott

Discover how the ultra-rich and powerful are exterminating the middle class to create a slave nation

Numb and Dumb reveals that the destruction of the historic “American way of life” is not unfolding by accident. This expose uncovers how the ultra wealthy and powerful have executed a rapidly unfolding plan to exterminate the middle class (of all ethnicities) and create a slave nation (of all ethnicities).

Learn how powerful people and multi-national corporations are using our elected representatives to eliminate your opportunity for a better life.

Americans scratch their head asking why this or that transpired. Why would a President be televised playing golf when our borders are being overrun? Why did Congress take a month vacation as ISIS marched across Syria? You read or listen to these activities and something in your gut says, “It doesn’t make sense”.

We stand on the edge of financial chaos, almost 18 trillion in debt and silently watch the reckless spending continue with no end in sight. A bankrupt nation is powerless and ripe for takeover. Find out who is creating this financial calamity. Discover how we could reach this place in history without the overwhelming majority of citizens not taking to the street in revolt.

Numb and Dumb will reveal why our safety and freedom are under assault from forces both inside and outside our borders. Find out who is preventing the United States from immediately squelching threats to American safety at home and abroad.

Up till now, many people assumed that our country was crumbling based on incompetent or dishonest representatives in Washington D.C. Find out how the elite work behind the scenes, determining what your reality will look like.

This ability to control the masses is made possible through powerful mind-altering tools that were first discovered in the 1940’s. Most citizens use these tools daily to assist the privileged few in degrading your quality of life.

As you scroll through the pages, you’ll find out how the elite control… the parent/child relationship, your ability to get (or keep) a job, the taxes you’ll pay, the schools your children will attend, what your children learn, how your children view the world, even down to the level of safety you’ll experience… and last (but certainly not least) how the elite control your spare time… and ultimately your future. Even racism and assault on the Christian faith are part of their sinister plan.

Ultimately, you’ll be inspired, empowered and fired up as you begin to learn the steps you can immediately use to break free from the grips of the elite and recognize the tricks and mind control influences being used to not only manipulate you, but ensure the collapse of America.